Transformation – Project 7 Billion


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I arrived an hour early to paint finding First United Methodist's worship team in full praise. I stood before a fresh white canvas awaiting revelation from the Holy Spirit. Suddenly, I heard something that almost stunned me. His Spirit lead me to retrieve from the car a playfully brightly colored canvas which I would not have loaded in the car except for His insistence. As I obeyed, I envisioned a recent sketch of Jesus, as the Lamb of God, superimposed upon the already busy canvas. Under His leading, I grabbed the thumbnail sketch and began drawing the Lamb complete with the stylized red orange shadow running down the left side of the canvas.

Steve Smith stepped up to the pulpit and began sharing a recent revelation. He began by declaring, “I draw magnificent stick figures." People usually say, —“I'm not creative; I can't even draw a stick figure."— This language was so strikingly different that my spirit leaped to attention and I leaned in to hear what was next. He had envisioned the Fountain of God in Heaven from which flowed many streams that branched into individual streams that covered the entire earth. He saw his magnificent stick figure people on the river banks engaging in the stream to different degrees. It was to the extent that the figures were willing to be immersed themselves that they were transformed from stick figures into real people. If they dipped the tip of a foot in the flow, their toe was human. If immersed up to their stick knees, they had legs; when fully immersed, they were made whole. Steve's power point illustrated spectacular pink stick figures in various degrees of interaction with Heaven's flow.

Suddenly, I knew that I was to incorporate the pink figures onto the already “wild" canvas. I began to hear a spewing of condemnation, “This will be too much, you have gone to far now, people will not accept this, it's already too busy, this will not be okay, who do you think you are?" I ignored their voices, focusing instead on my King and without hesitation mixed the pink paint and loaded my brush as they continued their lies. As my brush tip drew closer to the canvas, their voices became frantically furious. The brush now just centimeters from contact and their voices degraded to the utterances of desperate impotent pipsqueaks. Suddenly, as my brush touched the canvas, the squeaking exploded and fell away to nothing; gone forever. I found the true meaning of obedience in pink paint and I am made whole.

You are being invited into a transforming encounter with your King!

Christian Art and Prophetic Art by, Latimer Bowen


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This product has been donated from Latimer Bowen and all proceeds benefit the ministry of Project 7 Billion.