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Garden Tomb

Garden Tomb

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While in Jerusalem, a group of us from different churches shared communion at the Garden Tomb, which most recent scholarship suggests is the site where Jesus was buried. Wherever He was buried, the great news is that He is not there; He is risen and sits at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty!

I am a survivor of trauma and abuse, have been widowed three times, twice to sudden violent accidents and once to pancreatic cancer. My parents and all parents-in-law have died, I am the oldest living relative in my family; I have miscarried, and have lost many friends to death. Still, I know that my Redeemer lives and that He loves me with an exquisite undying love. If we could begin to fathom, comprehend, grasp and hold onto the immensity of His love for us, then, we would more fully understand Who He is and who we are as defined by and in that relationship. I refuse to focus on loss; I have fastened myself to the depth, width, height, and length of His loving presence. My grip is upon the unfailing love and capability of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I believe that when Jesus said, "Yes" to and walked through His divinely designed purpose on this earth that the fullness of God's love for His children was unveiled.

Jesus' willingness to back up His decision through His actions released God's eternal plan of love through the redemptive shed blood of Jesus, the necessary price to redeem us from eternal death. The full sequence of events, His betrayal, the unimaginable physical, emotional and spiritual pain that He endured on the way to the cross and His acceptance of the crushing weight of all humanity's sin bought our freedom. His last breath was spent and His life's blood was poured out to recover, redeem and restore each of us to our "In the beginning" position.

Jesus loved you with His last breath!

Prophetic and Christian art by, Latimer Bowen

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This product has been donated from Latimer Bowen and all proceeds benefit the ministry of Project 7 Billion.